Summary of Capability

  • Search and Rescue in mountainous terrain.
  • 35 Active team members.
  • Casualty Care and evacution.
  • Searching for lost persons in non-hill environment.
  • Crag/steep ground rescue.
  • Supporting other 999 services.
  • Ambulance support in winter conditions.
  • Swift Water Rescue.
  • Flood Assistance.
  • Supporting other MRT's in Cumbria.

We regularly work and train with other Lakes’ Teams, RAF, Air Ambulance, Coast Guard and other Emergency Services.

      Winchmanraf  helio  DF MRT - Heli Training059

As well as Mountain Rescue the Team has a smaller group of 12 Swift Water Technicians who are trained specifically to deal with river searching and to assist with flooding situations. More importantly, the 10 MR Teams of the Lake District all have Swift Water Teams that come together to form a large, rapidly mobilised group that can provide support in major regional flood incidents; which really is a fantastic resource for the whole region.


As with all Mountain Rescue Teams, we are contacted in an emergency by dialing 999 and asking for Police, then Mountain Rescue.