For those in a hurry… 

You could help us to continue to provide a free 24 hour emergency service in several ways:

Donate on-line.  You could Donation on line.  All your donation and gift aid, if appropriate, will be passed to us except for a small amount to cover the card charge (much smaller for a debit card).  You can remain anonymous if you wish or we will acknowledge your donation and send our latest newsletter.   We will not retain your detail on any database and any contact will always be individually considered.

Text a donation.   You could text a donation by texting "DFMR33 £.." to 70070 giving the amount you wish to donate in pounds.   We will receive 100% of your donation. 

Send a Donation.  You could send us a one-off donation using the Donation Form at the bottom of the page.

Become a Supporter.  You could become a supporter, by using the Donation Form at the bottom of the page   This will enable you to establish a more personal link to the team and receive our annual  newsletter with occasional associated information.  This avenue also enables you to be more active in your support, should you wish, either by helping out on occasional fundraising activities for perhaps a few hours once a year, or by taking one of our attractive ‘Every Penny Counts’ collecting boxes (pictured below). 

Raise money through on-line shopping.  You could give us a small percentage of your on-line shopping at no cost to yourself through ‘Give as You Live' (GAYL) managed by 'Everyclick’ of The Charities Trust.  Our first shopper raised £225 in 18 months.  4000 retailers participate in the scheme including Amazon, B&Q, John Lewis and M&S.  You must first register as a supporter of DF MRT by logging onto the GAYL website.  Just your e-mail address and a password are required.  When you wish to shop on-line return to the GAYL website, which will remember you, and click on the store you wish to shop at.  You will then flick straight to the store website and shop as usual.  A percentage of your bill will be donated to DFMRT.
Raise money through in-store shopping.  Also managed by 'Give as you Live' (GAYL) you can register for a store card, either by printing off the card details for a single shop or by getting a proper card for regular shopping.  You put money on this card through GAYL, with 2 or 3%, depending upon the shop, going straight to DFMRT.  There are less stores signed up for this but it includes Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, M&S, Debenhams and many others.  Presentation of your card at the checkout will enable the shop to connect to GAYL and download the funds secured against the card number.  
Leaving a Legacy. If you are in a position to remember The Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team in your Will the link on the paragraph title describes the various ways of doing this.  Such a gift will be exempt of inheritance tax but it may be worth considering that if you pay income or capital gains tax a donation during your life could attract a further 25% gift aid.  
We can assure you that you will not be added to any processable database and any future contact will always be carefully considered.   Our data protection procedures, and standing order and gift aid mandates are on the linked 'Donation Form' below.


For those wishing for further details……..

The services of a mountain rescue team in the UK are free to the recipient.  However it costs about £35,000 a year to run our team, with additional funding needed for large capital expenditure such as a new ambulance.  Unlike most other emergency services, mountain rescue is a completely voluntary service with each team being a separate charity responsible for its own funding.  

Our relationship with the local community and those potentially needing our support, which can be anywhere out of reach to the normal ambulance service, is excellent.  We take pride in the service we provide - and it has to be said some enjoyment from the hill-going ventures - as well as an appreciation of a strong bond of teamwork and camaraderie.  In return we receive support from many individuals and organisations.   However there is little room for complacency and fundraising remains an on-going task.

Our members are all volunteers.  They receive no expenses for any activity within our large area but are provided with some items of all-weather clothing and personal protection equipment.  Training is given a high priority.  The team’s annual programme includes some 15 full days, 19 evenings and 5 short evening sessions.  The commitment of all members is therefore extensive particularly when individual courses, fundraising and administration is added.  So the assistance given by supporters on fundraising is a real bonus. 

The Duddon and Furness Mountain Rescue Team Supporters were launched in January 2007 for individuals, families and organisations with an interest in the mountains and our part in the provision of free emergency cover.   They have steadily grown and now provides a significant part of our funding needs.   We rely on a great many small donations for our normal running costs with the occasional legacy or grant from our parent organisations towards the larger capital projects.

Other fundraising initiatives include:

  • Marshalling adventure-type events – such as the Keswick to Barrow Walk, the Fred Whitton Cycle Challenge and the Coast to Coast Cycle challenge.
  • Car park management for local car rallies.
  • Street and supermarket collections.
  • Attendance at local galas, carnivals, schools etc, and talks to local organisations.
  • Collecting boxes in shops, garages and pubs throughout our area.


The above not only help with fundraising but heighten public awareness of our role and measures that people should take to improve their personal safety on the fells.  

Any support you can give us is much appreciated and will allow us to continue to provide the professional service which we believe our reputation confirms.

download Donation Form (including standing order mandate, gift aid declaration and data protection policy)


Martin Cooper

DFMRT Fundraising Officer
Martin Cooper

Hamilton Grove
Oubas Hill
LA12 7LB

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