The team has a full and active annual training calendar, designed to cover core skills required and to ensure that the team is prepared and ready to respond to difficult situations, in a safe and controlled way . This involves a minimum of two evening training sessions and a full day practice every month. Although getting to every practice is not realistic, team members are expected to attend a high percentage and their attendance and skills are monitored by the team's training officer.

The training calendar is based on ten key areas of competence:

  • Navigation
  • Casualty Care
  • Equipment
  • Searching
  • Crag Rescue
  • Helicopters
  • Command and Control
  • Communications
  • Water Rescue
  • Driving

There are many external courses available to the budding mountain rescuer, hosted by various providers including MREW, LDASMRA, other M.R. Teams and outdoor centres. These are set to recognised standards and team members are regularly offered opportunities to further their skills, for their own sake and the team's benefit. In addition to this the team also has a winter skills training week in Scotland. This allows team members to practice in conditions that are not guaranteed in the Lake District.

Casualty Care is a key focus across the board. Team members are examined on the nationally recognised "Cas Care Certificate" on a minimum three yearly cycle. Members who do not hold this award must hold a relevant nationally recognised first aid qualification.

The team is always looking to recruit a small number of people on an annual basis. Many skills and ability work closely with others are needed, but the foundation is that applicants have a good level of mountain experience, both summer and winter.  An ability to make mountain decisions about navigation, route choice and a level of personal confidence to go out in all conditions, even at night, and find your way on the mountains is fundamental.

If you are interested in joining, contact the team secretary for a chat and an application form. To become a full team member takes a year and starts with an interview and a full hill day. Attending training sessions as a probationary member allows time to become fully conversant with team activities and importantly a time to get to know the 35+ other team members.